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Ruffian Games reveals Tribal Towers, teases second 'top secret' non-Crackdown project

Ruffian Games, the developer of Crackdown 2, is working on a new game called Tribal Towers and a second "really exciting top secret" non-Crackdown project, it revealed on the Tribal Towers website today.

"At the moment we're working on a really exciting top secret — I could tell you but then I'd need to kill you — project with a well-known publisher which we unfortunately can't talk about at this stage," Billy Thomson co-founder of Ruffian Games wrote.

"And even more excitingly, a few months ago we decided to take our destiny into our own hands and start work on our own self-funded project."

Through the self-funded project, Tribal Towers, the studio is moving away from console development and focusing on PC/Steam Box and tablet gaming which, Thomson says, is going to challenge consoles in the next five years.

"Because we already see ourselves as seasoned console developers, we now want to ensure we work towards a similar level of experience in PC and Tablet development," Thomson wrote. "We basically want to hedge our bets a little and cover what we believe will be the 3 main bases of the next generation of gaming."

According to Thomson, Tribal Towers is "panstwettingly" close to being ready for a public reveal; he promised more details and screenshots will next week. Tribal Towers is currently undergoing a Friends & Family Gameplay Test.

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