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PS4 media sharing capabilities revealed

The PS4's sharing capabilities

The PlayStation 4 will allow for seamless uploads and downloads of media with its new dedicated compression and decompression systems, it was announced at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event in New York today.

Speaking at today's Sony event, the PlayStation 4's lead system architect, Mark Cerny said players will be able to hit the "share" button on the PS4 controller, scan through the minutes of a game they've played, pick and tag the segments they want to upload, and the video will be uploaded while the player returns to the game.

"Our goal is to make sharing a video as popular in the PlayStation 4 generation as the sharing of screenshots is today," he said.

Social media networks and spectating tools will also be built into the PlayStation 4, allowing users to share their gaming experiences with their social networks by pushing the "share" button. The PS4 will partner with UStream for multicasting, allowing players to broadcast 100 percent of their games in real time. Friends will also be able to "look over your shoulder virtually" while you play and post comments to your screen.

Media sharing on the PlayStation 3 allowed users to operate their console as a media center, sharing data like photos, music, movies and video files from home computers to the PS3. It did not feature seamless integration with social media or broadcasting services.

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