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Armored Core 5 to get upgraded sequel Verdict Day

From Software announced in this week's issue of Famitsu magazine that Armored Core 5, the latest in their series of build-'em-up, duke-'em-out mech combat games, is getting a sequel of sorts.

The so-called Armored Core: Verdict Day isn't a full on sequel, but rather a new game set in the world of the fifth title and closely linked to the original. Details were lacking in the Famitsu preview, but the title will feature a new take on the old game's online multiplayer. Instead of being purely team-centric, online will feature players joining one of the game's world powers-and like a lot of MMO games, the balance of global superpowers will constantly shift on the world map depending on which side performs better in battle.

Verdict Day will also feature all the new mech categories and parts you'd expect, as well as a new story-mode plot and the ability to bring CPU-controlled allies into multiplayer matches (how, exactly, wasn't revealed). From also mentioned that Armored Core 5 players will be able to carry over save data into Verdict Day.

In Japan, the game's due out Sept. 26 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The regular edition costs 6,800 yen, although you can also spring for a special collectors' edition that boasts a 200-page art/parts-book, soundtrack CD, and a painted mech figure.