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A Wise Choice, a full-voice controlled game wins the Global Game Jam 2013 Accessibility Challenge

A Wise Choice, a full-voice controlled game that focuses on creating an accessible title for the visually impaired, won the Global Game Jam 2013 Accessibility Challenge.

Inspired by DVDs with audio navigation options, the team sought to create a voice-controlled decision tree-based adventure game.

"We figured out a looping menu/option system that would continue through the choices until you made one," the team wrote on the Global Game Jam site. "From this we then added an 'are you sure?' segment that allowed the player to change their mind and safeguard against timing errors."

Created by Charlotte Woolley, Catherine Woolley and Gary Napper, the team came from the London chapter of the Global Game Jam competition.

The Accessibility Challenge runs as part of the Global Game Jam, with teams encouraged to volunteer and explore the development of an accessible game. The competitive Challenge was based on fixed accessibility criteria.

Non-competitive accessibility diversifier categories that developers could address in their game, included blind and hearing impaired-friendly, one button only or open, where teams were free to explore accessibility mechanics.

One such team created Sync, a rhythm game where players aim to sync two Wii Motes using audio and vibration.

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