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APB: Reloaded to undergo optimization, OverKill test world releasing soon

Sandbox shooter APB: Reloaded will be optimized soon, adding improvements to several areas including communication between servers and players' hardware, according to a recent post on the game's developer blog.

Developer Reloaded Productions states they won't be shutting off the game to run the updates; instead they will push updates while servers remain on.

"Given that turning off the game and entering an optimization-only cycle is not possible, we instead attempt the next best thing; we optimize while running full speed," reads the post. "It's a little bit like changing the oil in your car while travelling at 65 MPH down the highway. What could possibly go wrong?"

According to the blog, reasons for the lack of previous optimizations stem from APB being a "server resource hog" due to its large quantity of customization options taxing graphics. Players can build their own characters, cars and weapons and take them into PvP scenarios with up to 50 participants on each side.

Reloaded plans to release the new OverKill Open Test World in "the near future," a testing area put together by the developer's IT team to test the optimization on players' hardware.The developer recommends players have "a good gaming rig" to play, and suggests hardware have 8GB of RAM, run the 64-bit version of Windows 7 and use a higher-quality graphics card.

APB: Reloaded was released as APB: All Points Bulletin in 2010 for Windows PC. The game went free-to-play in 2011 and is currently available through Steam.

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