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The Dead Linger indie adventure aims to bring horror back to the zombie genre

Indie developer Sandswept Studio plans to emphasize terror elements of the zombie genre in its multiplayer survival-horror game The Dead Linger, according to the game's official website.

"The zombie genre has died," reads a banner at the top of the page. "We're bringing it back from the dead."

The Dead Linger features a large, open world packed with roaming zombies and other players fighting for survival. In its current alpha version, players can scavenge, barricade themselves into areas, build fires and utilize a basic item crafting system. The world is packed with varied terrain and buildings to explore as well as both hostile and friendly NPCs and a whole lot of sneaky, shuffling zombies.

According to Sandswept the game's beta version, to be released at a later date, will add vehicles, more options to the crafting system and character customization and more zombie enemies. Until then, players currently participating in the alpha can download the latest update featuring a brand new environment: The Prison, a dark mess of twisted, cluttered hallways riddled with zombies just waiting for you to round the corner. Check out the trailer posted above for a first look at what it's like in The Prison.

The Dead Linger is DRM-free and currently available for pre-order on Windows PC, with Mac and Linux versions coming at a later date, for $20. Players who pre-order will receive all future updates for the title without added cost.

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