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Psychonauts, SimCity co-creators to deliver art talks at GDC

Scott Campbell, Ocean Quigley and Remington Scott will each deliver a Visual Arts talk during Game Developers Conference 2013 taking place in March.

Scott Campbell, best known for his work as art director on Double Fine's Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, will deliver the Creating Amazing Characters talk. Campbell will design a new character for his audience while showing past work and techniques.

Ocean Quigley of SimCity fame will host Building SimCity: Art in the Service of Simulation. The event will cover the motivations behind SimCity's look and methods, as well as how the game's art functions beyond the constraints of look, user interface and technical capabilities.

Remington Scott will deliver the Performance Capture: Insights for the Edge talk. Scott's agenda includes how to create realistic, digital humans and details on his experience in the industry.

Visual Arts is one of seven tracks taking place at this year's conference, and it will strive to "educate artists and technical artists about methods for producing game art and animations," with an emphasis on how to create "exceptional art while reducing costs." Previously revealed talks include Cutscenes Everywhere: The Tech Behind StarCraft 2's Storytelling, Rayman Reinvented and Brave New World: New Bungie IP.

GDC will take place March 25-29 in San Francisco.

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