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PS4 not natively compatible with PS3 games

PS3 games are not "natively supported" on PlayStation 4 said Dave Perry, founder of streaming service Gaikai, during the PlayStation Meeting in which Sony announced its next-gen console.

Despite native incompatibility, Perry said that the company is "exploring some very unique opportunities, with the longterm vision of making PlayStation 3 games ubiquitous on any device."

"The technology is so advanced that some day we could easily PS1, PS2, PS3 and the PS Mobile games on any device, including the PlayStation 4."

The "vision of the PlayStation Cloud service" is to play "everything, everywhere," and Sony has greenlight that vision, he said.

"This is an investment into the millions of loyal playstation gamers across the world who would love to have all the past, present and future games at their fingertips," he said."

Sony revealed that the new console will use an x86 CPU architecture, which is incompatible with the PlayStation 3's Cell processor. Perry took the stage to speak about streaming technology that would be integrated into the PS4.

"With Gaikai in the PlayStation Store, you'll be able to instantly experience anything you want," he said.

According to a tweet from the official PlayStation Europe account, "PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to be playable via the PlayStation cloud service."

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