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Sony's timing for PS4 was perfect, EEDAR says

Sony's timing on its PlayStation 4 reveal "was perfect" and "wise," according to vice president of insights, Jesse Divnich, of market research firm Electronic Entertainment Design and Research

"By announcing early and at an isolated event, it allows Sony to capture 100 percent of the attention of gamers, technology enthusiasts, and industry insiders," Divnich said. "Sony's announcement now gives publishers plenty of time to prepare for E3 and it shifts the focus of the show to the software, which ultimately is what gamers look forward to the most."

According to Divnich, Sony is now "in a perfect storm of circumstances" that will help hype the next generation throughout the entire industry. He continued to warn third-party publishers against waiting to throw in support, adding that who did would likely get left behind.

"Sony is taking their next generation platform in the proper direction," Divnich said. "Judging by today's presentation, Sony is putting a strong focus on game content and connectivity, which is the lifeblood of any platform, and we are ecstatic that an entirely new generation of content is right around the corner. Today's announcement is a silver lining in what has been a somber year in the news for console gaming."

In addition to PlayStation 4, several new titles were announced for the system, including Infamous: Second Son, Driveclub, Knack, a console version of Diablo 3 and more. Check out everything we know here.

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