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Candy Crush Saga expanding to Japanese and Korean markets for Facebook and mobile

Casual games company is bringing its popular Facebook titles Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga to Japanese and Korean markets, with plans to bring both titles to iOS and Android devices at a later date.

This follows the announcement of over 1 million daily players across Hong Kong seen logging in to the company's first release Candy Crush Sage prior to the launch of a localized version of the game. The title is the largest application on Facebook among all categories, according to AppData.

"We have been looking towards Asian markets for some time now and feel this is the perfect time to offer localized versions of our games in Japan and Korea," said co-founder and CEO of Riccardo Zacconi in a prepared statement. "We are delighted to see our hit game Candy Crush Saga being played by one out of every seven residents of Hong Kong. People have been literally asking strangers on the street to friend them and give them lives so they can continue playing the game without waiting."

Check out Polygon's interview with's chief marketing officer Alex Dale about the rapid growth and success of Candy Crush Saga.