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Good Cop, Bad Cop: The Games of EA 2013

Our new video series intends to simplify the daunting task of previewing an afternoon's worth of video games. Spending a half-hour or so with each game, flanked by publicists and finger foods, makes hashing out the goods and the bads of unreleased products feel like a Sisyphean task.

With Good Cop, Bad Cop we plan to change that, clarifying what's good about a game — something previews are known for — and also what's bad.

The structure of the series is itself a game of sorts and the rules are simple. For each video game, one player takes the role of Good Cop, while another takes the role of Bad Cop. One defends what they played, while another volleys ideally astute and razor sharp criticisms.

Does it work? You should let us know in the comments.

For the first episode, Russ Frushtick and I talk about Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, Real Racing 3 and SimCity.

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