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The Cave's environment artist discusses meshing 3D and 2D, cats and a sandwich

According to Jane Ng, lead artist on Double Fine Productions' The Cave, the developer avoided creating environments similar to flash games' vector art and strove to bring a 3D-look to a more 2.5D game.

In the above video Ng, who designed the environments in Ron Gilbert's adventure, talks about drawing from Gilbert's ideas and designing the ant farm-like "slices through the world" that comprise each level. Double Fine didn't want to go full 2D or 3D, Ng says, hence the decision to settle in-between. Ng also discusses her desire to put more cats and "weird little corgi things" into the game, as well as what kind of sandwich the Cave would be, were it one.

The Cave released last month through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, and for Windows PC and Wii U.

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