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Rumpus Royale MMXIII brings 'indie game world championship' to GDC

Rumpus Royale MMXIII, Wild Rumpus' self-billed "indie game world championship," will be held March 25-29 during the Game Developer's Conference, according to the event's website.

Featuring daily tournaments, a training arcade and indie games, Rumpus Royale will take place on the first floor of the west hall in San Francisco's Moscone Centre. The games will include contortionist running simulator QWOP, minimalist sports game Hokra as well as rotating puzzler Super Hexagon and bullet-limited local multiplayer game Samurai Gunn.

The self-described "multiplayer indie game event organizing bunch of roughhousers" at Wild Rumpus are also hosting a Tumblr-sponsored event called "All other parties are still trite and dull" on March 27. It will also feature indie games, with the addition of DJs, adult beverages and more.

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