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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon story introduction video shows ghosts going wild

A Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon story introduction video released today tells of how Luigi is called upon by Professor E. Gad after his friendly ghosts turn sinister by King Boo's hand.

Armed with an ethereal vacuum cleaner, the Poltergeist 5000, and the Dark-Light Device, Luigi must capture ghosts from five mansions and restore the Dark Moon. The puzzle-centric game uses the Nintendo 3DS's gyroscope and accelerometer in gameplay.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features multiplayer via LAN, Wi-Fi and Download Play. Multiplayer modes include Hunter, a team-based timed capture ghosts mode; Rush, a competitive race to the top of a tower; and Polterpup, hunt and capture ghost dogs before the time runs out.

The game's official website is live here.

Developed by Next Level Games and Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Dark is set for release for Nintendo 3DS on March 24. The previous Luigi's Mansion title, called Luigi's Mansion, was first released in 2001 for Nintendo GameCube.