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Dreamfall Chapters will include the cyberpunk world of Europolis

Developer Red Thread Games introduced a new cyberpunk setting included in its upcoming PC release Dreamfall Chapters, the city-state of Europolis, dedicating the latest developer diary to the area.

Europolis is made up of the former independent nations of Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. In-game footage run in the Dreamfall Chapters prototype shows off the dark, Blade Runner-like landscape set in the year 2220.

The Longest Journey obsessives will recognize Europolis as a setting initially slated to be included as a playable environment in Funcom's Dreamfall: The Longest Journey before being cut from the 2006 title. Europolis joins the fantasy world of Arcadia and the more orderly and scientific world of Stark as Dreamfall Chapters' currently announced areas.

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