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The Last Train to Cairo update will take The Secret World players to ancient Egypt in March

The Secret World's upcoming sixth episode, The Last Train to Cairo, will take players back in time to ancient Egypt armed with a new weapon in early March, according to a press release from developer Funcom.

In The Last Train to Cairo's missions and side-quests, players will work with a weapons dealer named Said to uncover a plot by followers of the dark god Aten. Players will be armed with a new "Whip Auxilliary" weapon, which is useful for area damage or crowd control.

"The cultists and their dark prophet Abdel Daoud are working in the shadows under the influence of their god Aten," reads a description from the game's official website. "The Atenists seek to undermine and weaken the tireless Marya who bravely stand against them. You must come to their aid and free some of their captured warriors."

Funcom will also incorporate new systems into The Secret World. The Veteran and Recruitment systems will reward players with points for each month of membership and for recruiting new players. A new player versus player system will also allow fighters to rank up, earn tokens and buy new PvP uniforms.

Funcom dropped its monthly fee model for The Secret World last December in favor of a buy-to-play model. In mid-January, the developer announced it had bolstered in-game activity more than 400 percent.

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