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Kentucky Route Zero now available on Steam

Kentucky Route Zero, Cardboard Computer's atmospheric adventure game, is now available on Steam and on sale until March 1.

Steam users can grab the entire five-episode run for Windows, Mac and Linux for $22.49, a 10 percent discount on its regular price of $24.99. The release was made possible by Steam Greenlight, a service that lets users vote for the games they'd like to see on Valve's digital distribution service.

Cardboard Computer released Act 1 in early January through its website, where you can get a DRM-free version and a Steam key. Act 2 is expected "around April 2013," according to game's listing on Steam. For more on what the developer describes as an "magical realist adventure game," you can watch a recent episode of Cooperatives or listen to episode 42 of the Besties.

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