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Time and Eternity coming to North America and Europe this summer

Luminous Arc developer Imageepooch's Time and Eternity will be localized for North America and Europe this summer, western publisher NIS America announced today.

The animated role-playing game, known as Toki to Towa in Japan, will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will receive additional downloadable content post-launch. The game features 3D backgrounds and hand-drawn cel-animated characters in 2D, both in cutscenes and during real-time combat, and a time-travel mechanic.

Time and Eternity tells the tale of a knight who is murdered during his wedding to a princess, who reveals her body is inhabited by two souls. She and her companions must go back in time and uncover the murder plot in order to prevent it and save the kingdom. Players can switch between the princess' two personalities, Toki and Towa, utilizing their unique skills depending on opponents' weaknesses.

Time and Eternity was released in Japan last October through publisher Namco Bandai. The game was revealed in January 2012 and detailed in Famitsu as "the world's first HD animation RPG."

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