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MechWarrior Online gets its largest map yet and enormous content update

MechWarrior Online gets content update

MechWarrior Online's latest content and map update is now live, with the new Alphine Peaks map being the largest in the game to date with mountains, hills, vertical and horizontal fireflights and the opportunity to use long-range weapons.

In addition to the new map, the action simulation game is also receiving five versions of the Trebuchet, all of which can be viewed here along with their basic stats. The content update also features Phase 3 of MatchMaking, which will create balanced matches based on the skills and Mech classes of the players involved.

MechWarrior Online is free-to-play now. For this weekend only, all Founders' Mechs will generate an additional 25 percent C-Bills (the primary currency in the game) while Hero Mechs will generate an additional 20 percent C-Bills.

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