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Torment: Tides of Numenera website live, promises crowdfunding

The website for Planescape: Torment's sequel, Torment: Tides of Numenera, is now live and promises a future fundraising campaign.

According to the website's description page, Tides of Numenera will continue the "thematic legacy" of the first title. The story takes place in the Ninth World, where many civilizations have already risen and fallen, leaving behind different artifacts called numenera.

"One of these humans discovers a way to use the numenera to grow strong, cheat death, to skip across the face of centuries in a succession of bodies," the site reads. "But he discovers an unexpected side effect: You."

Tides of Numenera will feature choice and consequence, attainable companions and more. The game will be available for Windows PC and Mac, with a possibility for Linux. A crowdfunding page with Kickstarter-branded media is included, though the website does not say when fundraising will begin.

Chris Avellone, who acted as the original game's lead designer, has already given his blessing to the sequel. Torment: Tides of Numenera is currently in development by inXile, the company also responsible for Wasteland 2.

(Thanks, Gregory.)

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