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Bungie explains the hand dilemma at PS4 reveal

In a recent Bungie blog post, community manager Deej took a moment to respond to "everyone on the internet" about Bungie's recent appearance at the Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013 on Feb. 20.

The moment in question focuses on four Bungie employees who look clueless about what to do with their hands on stage. According to Deej, this might not be too far off.

"Details are still murky, but from what we can gather Marty may have instructed our four friends to 'keep their hands out of their pockets,'" Deej wrote. "We also may or may not have a Men's Warehouse directly below our studio."

"From their idle hands ushered forth an invitation to a new community of gamers," Deej continued. "Though this foursome clearly didn't appear enthusiastic — or capable of experiencing any human emotion — we are super stoked and incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome a whole new group of gamers into the Bungie fold."

Deej also took the time to address several other questions, including whether Bungie will make a Harlem Shake video (no), the company's response to the recent Destiny public announcement, Destiny pre-orders and more. Deej wrapped up the post with a photo (shown above) of the team "being unorthodox, embarrassing and remarkably different." You can read the rest here.

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