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Wasteland 2 developers respond to system questions in latest update

InXile Entertainment, the developer behind upcoming apocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 2, addressed several concerns in its latest update about game systems "that seemed to receive the most comments" during a recent gameplay video.

"Our goal with all of our systems is to allow you to customize them, including their keyboard short cuts, to get the exact input system you want," the update reads. "For all systems we have a default setting that we feel provides the best experience, but knowing that everybody has their own preferences we have implemented a robust settings menu."

The update includes information on the game's camera, heads up display and keyword dialog system. Camera settings will have changeable elements: zoom level, tracking and rotation. Players will be able to adjust the camera's zoom to get a wider or smaller shot, as well as view things from different heights. With the tracking system, the camera will automatically follow the game's party; this can be overridden as well. Players can also rotate the camera in any direction.

As for the HUD, this system is composed of five elements. Character portraits, mini-map, action bar, hot key selector and description text window can be customized or hidden to the player's liking.

InXile finally touches on Wasteland 2's keyword dialog system, which is built by interaction with NPCs and the game world. The more a player talks to NPCs, the more keywords they reveal. NPCs will have different reactions to keywords depending on previous player responses, gameplay choices, skills, attributes and more.

Wasteland 2 is expected to release in the fall.

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