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Infamous: Second Son trailer included gameplay footage

The trailer for Infamous: Second Son that played during the Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013 PlayStation 4 reveal contained actual gameplay footage, according to a recent tweet from Sucker Punch.

The tweet came in response to a comment from Markus St., who wrote "Indeed the new Infamous looks promising can't wait for gameplay footage."

"What did you think most of that was," Sucker Punch replied. "We just used [a] different camera to make it more cinematic."

Second Son will take place seven years after the conclusion of Infamous 2. Players will step into the role of newcomer Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old living in Seattle during a time of unrest. In the wake of former protagonist Cole McGrath's story, those suspected of "bio-terrorism" are immediately apprehended by the government.

Infamous: Second Son will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4, which is expected to launch during the holiday season.

(Thanks, Thomas.)

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