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Mojang's Mojam spawns nine new indie games for charity

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Mojam, the Humble Bundle games development jam participated in by Minecraft developer Mojang and a number of other independent developers, is now over, having spawned nine titles that will be available for download "in the near future," according to the official Mojang blog.

Teams from the Mojang camp created four new prototypes: Nuclear Pizza War, Endless Nuclear Kittens, Battle Frogs and Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint Prototype. The additional five studio participants developed a single game each. Grapefrukt created the game prototype Tektonic, Ludosity made Space Hunk, Oxeye developed for 3918, Vlambeer made Wasteland Kings and Wolfire created Low-light. All titles were developed over a period of four days.

As of press time, Mojang has raised $472,000 or charities Block to Block and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Donations will remain open until March 2.

Each title developed by Mojang was based on answers to a survey asking blog visitors to pick two words from a list that included terms such as "1999" to "intimidate" to "wipe." The developer then used two highest-voted suggestions "to help inspire our Mojang creations."