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Watch Skyrim running in high-defintion with almost 150 simultaneous mods

YouTube user "SkyrimTuner" takes The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim very seriously, as evidenced by his posted videos of the game running a variety of mods to achieve ultra-realistic high quality.

The footage on the PC gamer's channel consists of Skyrim running quality-boosting mods, some videos featuring clips running more than 150 of them simultaneously. The game is operating at full optimization using the RealVision ENB mod with settings cranked all the way up, resulting in an realistic representation of Tamirel and its inhabitants. The video above, "Climates of Tamriel," focuses on sweeping shots of various in-game locations.

Other videos by "SkyrimTurner" featuring the RealVision ENB mod include various montages of environments and a brief look at how characters look with these settings. The modder has provided a list of mods included in his videos, as well as the specific order in which players should install them to achieve the same effect in their own games.

Industrious Skyrim players looking to replicate the look "SkyrimTurner" has crafted can find detailed instructions on his modder page.

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