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Divergence: Online sandbox MMO resurfaces on Indiegogo with a $50K production tag

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Massively multiplayer online sandbox title Divergence: Online, announced back in 2006 by developer Stainglass Llama, has resurfaced on Indiegogo seeking $50,000 in funding to complete development on the project.

Set in a science fiction world, Divergence aims to provide "maximum player freedom" in a massive open world with endless oceans and lands brought up from its depths "on demand." Exploration is non-linear and there are no interrupting loading screens as players trek through environments, according to the project page. Divergence also features a skill-based progression system that does not use traditional leveling, but encourages players to master professions or create their own independent mix of skills.

Combat uses real physics, giving both players and their attacks mass and realistic momentum, and player-versus-player combat scenarios are open to instigation anytime, anywhere. Players also have the option to clone themselves and purchase clone insurance to thwart Divergence's permadeath feature.

Creator and project lead Ethan Casner wrote on the Indiegogo page that Divergence has had trouble finding funds during this turbulent economic period, hence its move to crowdfunding.

"In the midst of a recession, the project has suffered from an almost total lack of reliable funding until now," he wrote. "It wasn't until noticing the success other projects were seeing with much less shown and available to backers that I decided it would be criminal not to charge full-steam at an IndieGogo crowdsourcing campaign."

At the time of writing, Divergence: Online is currently sitting just above $1,200 in funding with 57 days remaining in the campaign.