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Tech company Sokikom receives $2 million to gamify math education for children

Sokikom, an education technology company aiming to teach children math through gamifying learning, has raised $2 million in funding towards its initiatives, reports Tech Crunch.

The money is partially "angel funding" from a group of investors including Zynga co-founder Steve Steve Schoettler and former Intel Chairman and CEO Dr. Craig Barrett among others, as well as a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences research branch.

Sokikom's education program has spent a year in public beta among teachers, but the company is now ready to roll out its finalized toolset. The program uses a "game world" similar to those of MMORPGs that has been divided into different regions, each focused on a specific area of mathematics. Upon entering each area, students will be given a series of basic questions that serve as a "diagnostic assessment." These questions will become more difficult as students do well, and should a student have difficulty mastering a section the game will re-route them to a designated area for more practice.

The "game" was designed to be fast-paced and adaptive to student needs, and will display visuals and videos to assist students who are stuck on questions. Sokikom's program aims to personalize the process of learning math to make it more engaging for younger students. Participants can also play against in other in real-time and earn "class cash" through play, which they can spend on in-game rewards.

Teachers can use Sokikom's classroom management tools, which can be set up separately or in tandem with the math game world, to track individual students' progress and reinforce good behavior both in the game world and in the classroom.

More information on Sokikom is available on the program's website.

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