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Friend Network, Imaginstruments coming to PS Vita this spring

Friend Network and Imaginstruments, two new applications for PlayStation Vita, will be available in the spring, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced.

Friend Network is a social application that allows users to visualize and interact with other players in a virtual town. The goal is to acquire 100 friends, which users can do by visiting lobbies, meeting new people and exchanging digital business cards. The application integrates other social networking sites, so users can connect with their Facebook or Twitter. The app is already available in Japan and other parts of Asia.

Musical application Imaginstruments, previously launched in Europe, allows users to create their own compositions. The application includes different song creation tools, such as an "active" and "passive" mode for editing and a sequencer mode. The app is designed for even non-musicians to use.

A specific release date for either application has not been announced.

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