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Brutal Legend for PC won't see new single-player content, new multiplayer content most plausible

Tim Schafer on Brütal Legend content

The PC version of Double Fine's Brutal Legend is unlikely to receive new single-player content due to development costs, but new multiplayer content is "plausible," according to studio boss Tim Schafer in an interview with RockPaperShotgun.

In the interview, Schafer tells RockPaperShotgun he has a "wishlist" of things he'd like to add to Brutal Legend on PC and it has been fun to continue working on the game as an independent developer and publisher. However, adding new content could be too expensive for the studio.

"I think [mostly multiplayer stuff] is the most plausible to me," he said of content additions. "Because single-player requires content, which means reengaging all the voice actors — which is something that was a lot easier for EA to pay for. Also, reengaging music licensing. I'd love to do that too, but I think that would involve more funding than we have cash on hand to do."

Schafer continued: "I would love to do alternate gameplay modes in multiplayer. I'd like to bring in Lionwhyte as a playable faction. I'd like to bring in [another faction that was originally meant to be part of Brutal Legend's story]. There are some tweaks I'd like to do to give you more feedback about what your units are doing."

Tim Schafer's full interview in which he talks about Brutal Legend's messaging problem and the possibilities of free-to-play models can be read here.

Brutal Legend for PC is out on Steam on Feb. 26.

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