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Virtual Piggy payment system for minors integrated into Gaia Online

A "youth safe" payment system called Virtual Piggy that allows minors to make payments online is available now on anime-themed social networking site Gaia Online.

Virtual Piggy is an e-commerce system that allows children to spend money online with parental control. By using the system with Gaia, parents can create a monthly spending allowance that kids can then use to purchase Gaia Cash. In-game currency equals out to about $1 for every 100 Gaia Cash points. Additionally, for those that use Virtual Piggy to purchase Gaia Cash, the reward is a rare in-game item.

Gaia's online community currently boasts more than 26 million registered users involved in forums, avatar creation, online games and more. Users can battle friends online or play free minigames ranging from word puzzles and racing games to fishing and pinball. According to Gaia's director of sales and business development, Virtual Piggy is exactly "the solution [they've] been waiting for."

Virtual Piggy acts in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protect Act, which requires websites to include privacy policies and certain restrictions on personal information for children ages 13 and under.

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