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Respawn Entertainment will attend E3 2013

Respawn Entertainment, the independent studio formed in 2010 by the former heads of Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward, will attend E3 2013, co-founder Vince Zampella announced on Twitter today.

"I've gotten a 'few' questions about @e3expo plans this year," said Zampella. "Yes, we will finally be at E3!"

The nature of Respawn's E3 presence remains unclear. It is unknown if the company will be presenting at a major publisher's press briefing or if it will even have a booth on the show floor.

Little is known about the project in development at Respawn, except that it is being published by Electronic Arts through the company's EA Partners program. The above image is one of two blurry teaser images the studio has released since its formation.

Electronic Arts currently has one major active first-person shooter franchise, Battlefield. The publisher is "taking Medal of Honor out of the rotation," said chief operating officer Peter Moore last month, as a result of a poor critical and commercial reception for the series' most recent entry, last fall's Medal of Honor Warfighter. EA announced last summer that it plans to launch a multiplayer beta for Battlefield 4 this fall.

Zampella and Jason West created Respawn after they were fired by Activision for breach of contract. Activision later sued Electronic Arts, alleging that the company attempted to poach West, Zampella and other top talent from Infinity Ward; the two publishers settled the suit last May. West and Zampella also settled their competing lawsuits with Activision, in which they had accused the company of firing them unjustly and Activision had countersued, later that month.

We've reached out to Respawn for more details and will update this post with any information we receive.

Update: Zampella followed up with a tweet saying Respawn will have something to show at E3.

Update 2: A Respawn representative told Polygon, "We won't be providing any additional details at this time."

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