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Microsoft releases SmartGlass tutorial videos for games, movies and more

Microsoft released a series of videos today on the official Xbox YouTube channel demonstrating SmartGlass, the technology that allows smartphones and tablets to interact with games, movies and more on the Xbox 360.

You can check out the video above, which is narrated by SmartGlass project manager Peter Orullian, to see how Signal Studios' Ascend: New Gods will use SmartGlass to send information about your in-game surroundings like maps to a connected device. The video below shows how you can use SmartGlass to interact with a movie, The Dark Knight Rises, with interactive features like controls, production photos, trivia and more.

You can check out the official Xbox YouTube channel to see other SmartGlass tutorial videos covering everything from interacting with Halo 4 to controlling and searching the console. Microsoft unveiled SmartGlass at its E3 2012 keynote, in a segment you can watch right here.