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At the Gates coming to iOS, Mac and Linux.

At the Gates, developed by Conifer Games, will be available on iOS, Mac and Linux.

Mac and Linux versions will launch alongside the Window PC release. As the iOS version requires more work than the other platforms, the studio could not provide a solid launch date or what iOS devices it will support.

"... (trying to get AtG to fit on a phone screen might be tricky!), but if you have a recent iPad you should be safe," the studio wrote on its Kickstarter page.

Conifer Games won't release At the Gates on Android in the near future due to time constraints, even though it would like to.

Contributors who pledged the $25 tier or above will receive a copy of the game on Windows PC, Linux and Mac. The Conifer Games will not be able to do the same with iOS version as Apple restricts the number of promotional codes to distribute.

Conifer Games also announced two final stretch goals for its At the Gates Kickstarter campaign: hitting $125,000 will see additional map generation options and $200,000 will introduce a playable Roman factions expansion.

At the time of writing, Conifer raised $73,086 of its $40,000 Kickstarter goal with ten days to go.

For more information about the upcoming title and Conifer Games' story, read Polygon's fox-filled feature here.

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