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Diablo 3 will not include cross-platform play between PC and PS3

Diablo 3 will not feature cross-platform play between PC and the upcoming PlayStation 3 release, the game's community manager Vaeflare clarified on the forums.

According to the post, Blizzard has no current plans to allow for connectivity between PlayStation Network and, the result of which will be separate characters on the user's account and their PlayStation account.

It was also revealed Blizzard has no plans to allow for analog controllers to be used on PC, and likewise, as the console edition of Diablo 3 was developed with a controller in mind, the PlayStation 3 version of the title will not support keyboards or mice.

Last week it was also revealed Diablo 3 is in development for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console. The PS3 and PS4 versions of Diablo 3 will be based on the "core experience of the PC version," Blizzard said in an official announcement. The PlayStation versions will feature "an intuitive control scheme and a new dynamic camera perspective" in addition to currently available updates to the game, such as the customizable monster power and the Paragon leveling system.

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