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Watch Dogs running on brand new Disrupt engine, not Assassin's Creed engine

Ubisoft's open-world title Watch Dogs is being rendered on a newly-developed engine, according to the company's technical director of graphics Sebastien Viard.

Viard stated in a tweet that the engine was entirely new and developed specifically by Ubisoft's Montreal studio for Watch Dogs. This puts to rest rumors that the game is running on AnvilNext, the engine used to power the Assassin's Creed series since the first Assassin's Creed in 2007.

"Watch Dogs uses a brand new engine called Disrupt, developed specifically for the game at Ubisoft Montreal," Viard tweeted. "It's not [the] Assassin's Creed engine."

Watch Dogs was confirmed as a PlayStation 4 launch title at an event held by Sony in New York City last week, and was shortly after confirmed for release on Nintendo's Wii U. The game will hit both consoles as well as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC later this year.

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