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Skip months of competition with MLB 13 The Show's Postseason Mode

MLB 13 The Show's Postseason Mode, which allows players to skip through all of the regular season and jump right into the MLB playoffs, is the subject of a new trailer for the PS3 and PS Vita sports title.

In the new trailer, developers showcase the new options afforded to players in Postseason Mode, and the differences between a regular ballgame and one that takes place during the championships. For one thing, the crowd is a bit more amped than they are during the regular season, and players are, in general, more on top of their game. If you elect to skip the regular season, Postseason Mode allows you to set up the brackets for the playoffs as you see fit, controlling whichever teams strike your fancy.

Check out the trailer above. MLB 13 The Show launches on PS3 and PS Vita March 5.

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