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Gears of War: Judgment VIP Season Pass grants double XP permanently

The Gears of War: Judgment VIP Season Pass will give buyers a permanent double XP boost and access to exclusive weapons and skins, in addition to discounts on future downloadable content.

Buyers will receive a 20 percent discount on nine unlocks, six multiplayer maps and two new modes released in the months following the game's release. Additionally, pass holders will have early access to add-on multiplayer maps. Players can pick up the VIP Season Pass for $20 (1600 Microsoft Points) when Judgment launches.

Epic Games is teaming up with Maxim to release two free multiplayer maps, Haven and Capitol, and a new Execution Mode April 2, following the game's release. Those who buy the pass will have access to the extra Maxim content when the game launches, Microsoft confirmed to RipTen.

Gears of War: Judgment is slated for Xbox 360 release on March 19. The game's soundtrack will be available as well on March 19. Read our interview with Rob Auten and Tom Bissell here.