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Dungeons and Dragons Online to get new Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion this summer

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons Online will get its second expansion pack this summer, Shadowfell Conspiracy, developer Turbine announced today.

Shadowfell Conspiracy is set in the Forgotten Realms area and includes two new Adventure Packs, which will introduce new wilderness areas featuring new monsters and explorable dungeons.

The first dungeon, Wheloon, is a prison city inhabited by criminals and turncloaks forming an army to fight against the kingdom. Players must mask themselves as an outlaw and make their way through the city, fighting gangs and dismantling the army before its plans come to fruition. The second dungeon, Stormhorns, is set deep in the Stormhorn Mountains, where a secret weapon built to destroy an entire kingdom is hidden. Players will navigate territories overrun with griffons and harpies on their way to confront and destroy the weapon and its makers.

The expansion also adds new playable Iconic Heroes, available in the Forgotten Realms for players level 15 and up. Each hero has his or her own unique skills, iconic gear, new abilities and appearance options. The level cap will also be raised to 28, granting players access to new spells and advancement through three new powerful Epic levels.

In a post on the game's official website, senior producer Erik Boyer wrote that a new enhancement system will go into public beta this spring. The system will provide a simplified way to plan and build characters and help both seasoned and new players make "better" choices. Turbine also plans to introduce a True Reincarnation feature and progression track tailored to completionists later this year.

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