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Next-gen software prices still undecided, EA CFO says

Update: A representative from EA characterized Jorgensen's comments as a hypothetical discussion of pricing patterns at the beginning of a console cycle, and said that he meant to use software price examples of $59 and $49.

Electronic Arts has yet to set pricing for its next-generation software titles, according to chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference today, Jorgensen responded to a question regarding a price increase for next-generation console titles by saying he expects cost to follow past trends. He noted that the company has not yet settled on a pricing model for its generation four titles.

"Typically at the start of a cycle you've seen the pricing raised to, say, $69 for a core piece of software," he said. "And then over the life of those it's drifted down to an introduction price of around $59. We haven't yet set pricing on our gen-fours but you'll probably see a similar trend to that during the start of the next cycle."

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