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Resident Evil 6 Siege Mode coming to consoles next week

Resident Evil 6's newest multiplayer mode, Siege, will be available for Xbox 360 March 5 and PlayStation 3 March 6, Capcom announced.

In Siege mode, one team takes on the role of human players defending BSAA rookies, who the other teams attacks. Siege mode was announced alongside the Windows PC version of Resident Evil 6, which included the exclusive mode The Mercenaries: No Mercy.

Capcom will also release a map pack bundle on the same day that includes Rail Yard, High Seas Fortress, Catacombs, Requiem for War, Liquid Fire, Rooftop Mission and Creature Workshop. The bundle will be available for $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points)

Siege Mode will cost $3.99 (320 Microsoft Points). A bundle with all four multiplayer modes — Siege, Predator, Survivors and Onslaught — will be available on PlayStation 3 for $9.99. A triple pack, which does not include Siege, is already available for Xbox 360 owners.