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Metal Gear: Solid Peace Walker on the PS Vita,The Walking Dead Survival Instinct available for pre-order as PlayStation Store updates

BioShock Infinite, The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and several other titles are available for pre-order from the PlayStation Store, and general consumers and PlayStation Plus Members can get huge discounts on titles across PS3 and PS Vita, the PlayStation Blog announced today

BioShock Infinite, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel and MLB The Show '13 can be pre-orderd for $59.99. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist Of Dusk are available for $49.99. The BioShock Infinite Bundle for $79.99 includes a free theme, The Industrial Revolution Gear Pack and the original BioShock game.

Blog also announced that Metal Gear: Solid Peace Walker will be available for purchase on the PS Vita Store.

Bundles available for purchase feature Dynasty Warroriors 7 Empires with DLC for $49.99 on the PlayStation 3; Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 bundle for $59.99 on the PS Vita; Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 with DLC $39.99 for the PS Vita; and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception GOTY Edition with DLC for $39.99 for the PlayStation 3.

13 PS Vita titles are on sale for the handheld console's first anniversary and 11 PS Vita and PS3 titles are also for sale as part of the Gamer's Choice Awards.

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