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Indie hit Terraria to get retail PS3 package in Japan

This week's issue of Famitsu magazine brings word that Terraria, the eclectic mix of side-scrolling action and sandbox building that's sold over two million copies on Steam worldwide, is getting an official PlayStation 3 release in Japan, both on PlayStation Network and as a physical retail package: a first for the title.

The game will be available from the Japanese PSN on May 23 for 3,300 yen, but the retail box (going on sale the same day) will also be on offer for 4,179 yen. Why get the physical package? In addition to collector street cred, the box will contain a reference booklet that outlines all the recipes needed to create in-game items, as well as how to track them down in-game.

"Terraria's a game I'm so addicted to that I've logged several hundred hours at this point on the PC version," said Satoru Honma, associate producer at Japanese publisher Spike Chunsoft. If you like exploring huge worlds or building whatever you like, you definitely have to try this!"

Originally launched by Re-Logic on the Steam Store in May 2011, Terraria is a mix of Minecraft and Metroid that lets players dig deep underground, create new items, build neat stuff, and do it together with up to seven other players online. It's a Steam-only release for now, but is set to his PSN and Xbox Live March 27 in the U.S.

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