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EA exec says absence from PS4 reveal was a strategic marketing decision

Last week's PlayStation 4 event including a lot of big talk and some amazing ideas, but there weren't very many third-party publishers up on stage and only six games were shown off during the event.

Among the notable absences was massive developer and publisher Electronic Arts.

During the question and answer session of this week's Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, someone in the audience asked if Electronic Arts' no-show at the PlayStation 4 event was indicative of company's support for the console coming in 2014 or 2015 versus this year.

"No that is not indicative at all," said EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen. "I think that's more about timing of our own slate as well as trying to maintain a good balance of power with all of the parties out there and choosing when to unveil certain pieces of software.

"I can say between now and E3 you're going to see a lot of stuff from us and we'll just choose our marketing cadence as to when to start to announce stuff. At the end of the day we're very excited about Sony's platform, we think there's a huge opportunity, it's a great ... , as [chief technology officer Rajat Taneja] said, the technical power on the platform is going to allow us to do a substantial amount of things that we've never done before."

Jorgensen went on to talk about the coming of Battlefield 4 to the PlayStation 4 and Taneja called the coming platform a giant leap forward for the industry.

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