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Mars: War Logs combat trailer details abilities and weapons available on the Red Planet

Publisher Focus Home Interactive shared a new trailer today for action role-playing game Mars:War Logs introducing the game's combat system, detailing the various abilities players can learn and the rare yet powerful weapons available to them on the Red Planet.

The trailer above can be thought of as a survival guide, providing players with fair warning of the dangerous native beasts roaming Mars and how to combat them. Experience points earned during battle can be distributed to the players' liking across three different skill tress, also introduced in the above video. Players will be able to tailor their fighting style to specialize in certain areas like close-quarters melee or ranged combat.

Weapons and armor on Mars are rare, but players can scavenge for components to build up their arsenal through War Logs' crafting system. Players also have the option to pursue the career of a Technomant, a magic user who can manipulate lightning and other energy to attack or defend.

Mars: War Logs is slated to release through PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and for Windows PC this spring.

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