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ShootMania Storm and TrackMania 2 titles now available on Steam

Ubisoft's group of ManiaPlanet games — ShootMania Storm, TrackMania 2: Canyon and TrackMania 2: Stadium — are now available on Steam, the company revealed today through a series of YouTube videos.

The videos reveal that ShootMania Storm and TrackMania 2: Stadium are now in open beta on Valve's service, while TrackMania 2: Canyon, first released for Windows PC in Sept. 2011, is fully available for purchase.

According to the video for ShootMania above, beta players will be able to build their own maps and import 3D objects into the game, as well as change character skins, edit replay videos, tinker with the title's modding tools and create their own tournaments. TrackMania 2: Stadium will also include a new solo campaign as well as customized game modes and tournament managing features.

Steam users can snag ShootMania Storm for $17.99, 10 percent off its full $19.99 price tag. There is also an option to pre-order a $44.99 bundle containing three copies of ShootMania Storm, one for the buyer and two to share. The bundle is also currently 10 percent off its normal price of $49.99.

According to the listing, players can access the ShootMania Storm beta without pre-ordering the title by downloading the game's demo.

TrackMania 2: Stadium is also available at 10 percent off, knocking its $9.99 price tag down to $8.99. TrackMania 2: Canyon can be purchased all full price for $19.99.

ShootMania Storm will launch on April 10, while the page for TrackMania 2: Stadium lists its availability as April 2013. Both games, along with TrackMania 2: Canyon, utilize the same track editor and community development tools, accessible through ManiaPlanet's services.

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