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Sleeping Dogs' Wheels of Fury DLC available, brings a 'supercar' to Hong Kong's drug wars

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Sleeping Dogs' Wheels of Fury DLC is available today bringing five new story missions and a new 'supercar' to the open-world action game, according to a press release from Square Enix.

Wheels of Fury puts players back on the streets of Hong Kong, smuggling drugs and battling gangs, but this time with a new set of wheels. The DLC will introduce the DZS-90, "a fully weaponized supercar," to help undercover protagonist Wei Shen win the turf war against the rival 18K gang. The DZS-90 includes upgrades and add-ons like a pair of roof-mounted machine guns, which become available after completing assignments.

Wheels of Fury, the first of five planned add-ons announced earlier this month, is available now on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC for $3.99 and Xbox 360 for 320 Microsoft Points. If you haven't yet ventured into United Front Games' open world, you can pick up the game during Amazon's winter sale for $29.99 on PlayStation 3, $30.99 on Xbox 360 and $17.49 for a Windows PC download.