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PS4 easier to develop for than PS3, racing games to benefit from connectivity features, says Codemasters

For Grid 2 developer Codemasters, Sony's recently announced PlayStation 4 console is easier to develop for than PlayStation 3, senior executive producer Clive Moody told Edge Online.

Moody said Codemasters is hoping to push the PS4 to its limits and discover ways Sony's new technology can "spruce up" the racing genre, adding that studio staff feel the hardware's architecture is easier to learn.

"The general consensus amongst our guys is the architecture is a little easier to get our heads around," he said. "It's no secret that PS3 was tough, very, very, bespoke architecture. It was something that took us and a lot of developers a lot of time really to just understand how to squeeze the best out of it. I think from the off with PS4 architecture it's going to be easier to get results."

He also said that connectivity and social features, a major part of Sony's PS4 pitch, will be key to the future of the racing game genre. Despite the closing last summer of Wipeout developer Studio Liverpool, Moody is not worried about the genre falling by the wayside.

"There's always going to be a place for racing titles," he said. "Maybe they're not as big as first-person shooters are at the moment, but they've always got something to offer.

"I take the view that closures are a loss, obviously, but there is some benefit — there are now people out there with great experience of racing games," he added. "I'd be lying if I said we haven't taken advantage of that and got some great people onboard here."

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