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Double Fine joins Scopely Developer Network to market and distribute mobile games

Double Fine joins Scopely

Double Fine Productions is among five studios that have joined the Scopely Developer Network, a program where developers work with the mobile entertainment network to distribute, market and monetize their games.

Developers who partner with Scopely are supported by the program when it comes to game distribution across multiple platforms, ensuring all games are scalable, stable and "optimized for success." The idea behind the network is it allows independent studios to compete with larger game companies that have dedicated teams of distributors, marketers and revenue experts.

The first five studios that have signed on to be part of the network include Double Fine (Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, The Cave), Big Cave Games (ORC: Vengeance), High Line Games (W.E.L.D.E.R), Rocket Jump Games (Major Mayhem) and ZupCat Games (Race Town).

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