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Shootmania Storm's strength lies in an empowered community, Ubisoft says

ShootMania Storm and its community

The strength of Nadeo's Mania series, which includes the likes of the Trackmania games and the upcoming ShootMania Storm, lies in the community it empowers to create and curate quality content, according to Ubisoft's senior director of online strategy, Joshua Millison.

Speaking to Polygon at Ubisoft's recent Digital Day event, Millison said it has always been Nadeo's goal to create a game where the community can actively jump in and create environments in which they can play, and in turn the community has inspired the studio with its own creations.

"With something like this, you have to trust that by handing things to the community, the community will elevate the best games," Millison said. "It's really about empowering the community, who in turn make it clear what are the good maps, what's fun; and those are the ones that rise up and perpetuate and people jump in and play them more and more."

"By empowering people, you never know what the community will create."

Millison said that when it comes to games like Trackmania and ShootMania Storm where players are handed the reigns to design their own tracks and build their own first-person shooter levels, it's important not to underestimate the ability of the player.

"You look at things like DayZ that come out of nowhere and it's like, wow, that is such a cool new way to play a game," he said. "By empowering people, you never know what the community will create. It might be better than what we come up with."

ShootMania Storm will release on Windows PC April 10, 2013. The game will feature levels designed by Nadeo and, like other games in the Mania series, will give players the opportunity to design their own levels in a map editor.

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