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Company of Heroes 2 dev reassures fans, says closed beta is coming soon

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Company of Heroes 2 developer Relic Entertainment is under new management, but it's essentially business as usual and the studio plans to announce details of the game's closed beta soon, said producer Greg Wilson in a letter to fans.

Sega acquired Relic for $26.6 million in THQ's first bankruptcy auction a month ago.

"Shortly after the acquisition was announced, work on integrating the entire Relic team began," said Wilson. "It's been a rapid transition period and I'm happy to say we're a pretty much fully functioning member of the Sega family now and remain fully focused on shipping the highest quality version of Company of Heroes 2 you have all been waiting for."

Wilson added that Relic "will be much more communicative" about the state of the game and the studio's future plans once the transition period is fully complete.

"Right now we're working towards bringing you the closed beta build which we'll be able to talk more to you about soon," said Wilson.

"we're a pretty much fully functioning member of the Sega family now"

According to an FAQ on the THQ-to-Sega transition posted yesterday on the Company of Heroes 2 forums by community manager Bobby Miller, Relic has "not been affected" by the transition and "remains intact." In addition, said Miller, nothing is changing for anybody who has pre-ordered the game or been promised beta access, unless they pre-ordered from THQ's online store — in which case their pre-order should already have been canceled and their money refunded.

As for pre-orders from other retailers, including Steam and Origin, Miller said, "We will be reaching out to all retail and digital partners to ensure there is a convenient and smooth transition."

He added, "We are still planning on a phased approach [for beta access] which will accommodate pre-order players." In other words, those who pre-ordered for beta access will be granted entry before other interested parties.

Company of Heroes 2 is set for release on Windows PC in 2013. "We are looking forward to sharing a firm release date with you in the near future," said Miller.

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